5 reasons for YOU to start planning Christmas in September…


Okay, we know we’re a little eager but you know what they say “‘if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Here at Holiday Inn Dumfries, we’re experts in throwing fun festive feasts, we’re phenomenal at putting up Christmas trees and tinsel, we’re professional party cracker pullers! As you can tell, we think Christmas is something to get excited about at any time of the year. So, this week, we want to tell you the top 5 reasons to start planning for Christmas in September.

1) Christmas Shopping
Christmas shopping can be crazy and chaotic, able to reduce even the most hardened shopper into tears of frustration. According to one Daily Mail article, 6.7 million people in the UK leave their shopping to December 24th and one in ten shoppers resort to purchasing presents at petrol stations! So, to avoid having to buy your loved ones lukewarm sausage rolls and minstrels, make sure to start your shopping now!

2) Family get-togethers
Where are you going to spend Christmas this year? With parents, parent in laws, friends, small children and animals to think about…it’s a loaded question! You could divide your time into two, three, quarters, or extend the Christmas celebrations over two days, three, a week perhaps? Pre-arrangement here is a necessity. Or, instead, you might want to fly somewhere sunny and avoid the drama…

3) Christmas lunch
We won’t suggest buying a pack of Aunt Bessie’s roast potatoes and leaving them to thaw in the freezer for 3 months, but a little foresight won’t go amiss when it comes to planning the perfect Christmas lunch. Bookatable, a company which represents more than 5,000 restaurants in Britain, said its Christmas Day bookings have gone up by more than 150% in the last few years! Make sure to book a table sooner rather than later (did we mention we do a fabulous Christmas lunch here at Holiday Inn Dumfries?)

4) The Children
Kids love Christmas. They love it even more than us. There’s a short window when the magic is LITERALLY alive; Santa does squeeze down the chimney, reindeers really do pull that sleigh and elves work all night in a tiny workshop making toys. Whilst we understand that you might not want to sign yourself up for several months of, what can only be described as, manic excitement…it’s quite nice to get the countdown started a little early.

5) Weather
To put it simply, it’s a lot easier to get the hard stuff out the way with whilst the days are lighter and warmer!

Make sure to be ahead of the game and book your festive celebrations with Holiday Inn Dumfries. You can find out more at www.holidayinndumfries.com/christmas. Alternatively, view our Christmas brochure, email info@hidumfries.co.uk or call 0138 727 2410.

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